Monday, 19 December 2016

Simon cured of diabetes

'I have cured 30 people of disbetes around the world, using a 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device' I told Lian and Simon.
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'I have type 2 diabetes' Simon, the birthday boy said. Type 2 remits instantly, type 1 only after three days. So I ensured he had type 2.10 years entrenched, now insulin dependant.
'Where do I get the device' he asked. 'Amazon, or Eday' I replied. 'It is Somon's 58th birthday today, it would be excellent if you cured him' Lian said.
I assured them it was a medically licensed beauty device – which would do him no harm. I do not charge, so all he had to lose was 2 minutes. 'Why do all Dr.s not use their 8W 3MHz device?' asked Lian. It seems to be a money thing – such a device is High Intensity UltraSound, ands will clear all cancer in under 1 minute. Diabetes 30 seconds.
 Diabetes needs ½ a minute to the lower right of the rib cage – and type 1 a 3 day delay in the diabetes remitting totally, and for ever.'
My house is easy to spot it has the words 'Healing Palace' in 6” high flashing letters. Though the local airport keeps asking me to turn the lights of
We went back to my house and I HIUSed him. I also him his sciatica, and his bald head. HIUS regrows hair – after many application. Sciatica – we shall see.
He found he could move his toes, which were no longer numb. The colour came back to his face – but that happens a lot with him.
He has promised to keep in touch. That is my 32 diabetic cured – 8 personally, the rest over the internet: they buy their own device.
HIUS to each side of the chest, throat and nosae cures all viral and bacterial infections, Stopping cancers, diabetes, heart disease and mental health problems from forming.

So every GP has a device – cure the world. And obviously, fix all diabetics.Simon was on a high level police training day: His GP had no problem prescribing defective diabe

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