Sunday, 18 December 2016

Saudis cure Climate Change

Global photosynthesis on the land and sea takes in CO2. In the Jurassic there waws 65% more active life, and sea levels were 60 metres lower.
That life died in the mass extinctions of pre-histroy. And foremd the Fossil Fuels. We have so far release 15% of that CO2, back int othe global air. Increasing modern biology by 15%, but photosynthesis pegs CO2 levels at only 2 parts per million.
Global Warming was devised by nuclear power after Chernobyl t ojustify their eistance. But the global climate has been cooling for 22 years. Totally naturally.
The 3 Jurassic ice-ages began with global CO2 pegged at 4 ppm. But rose to 8ppm. One Jurassiuc ice-age lated 650 million yeas.
So the NATURAL Climate Change today is GLOBAL COOLING. Onyl another 6, until we are back in NATURAL Global Warming.
So the seas and rivers of the world peculate down to the Earth magma, and tries to stay still as the Earth rotates clockwise. So it circulates anti clock wise.
At immense pressure, just a the limit of water. If it boils to steam, if fills mantel pockets, and then cools back to water. So we are exactly at the triple point of water, 270oC, 8 atmospheres. Super heated water.
Usually as fresh water. So in the high desert in Saudi (Or in the deserts of Chilli) we use ground sonar to locate a magma pocket,
We use ground moving equipment to dredge out and artificial lake, and a gentle slope down to it.
We dredge up much from the sea bed, and rinse out the salt in a river estuary. We now distribute that soil, and seed it with grass seeds.
At the seas we site vacuum pumps, which raise sea water up 1 meter. The sea water boils. Then we transport the pure water inshore – using a chain of solar powered vacuum pumps – that charge up a battery, to let it operate 24 hours a day.
We pump 20 million litres of vapour through a 10m pipe system. This is emitted along the news soil – where it forms 20 million litres of liquid water.
The water makes the seeds germinate – sucking in CO2 from the air. So crop yields in the Temperate areas will be decreased. The grass now grows. We plant tree seedlings along the field boundaries, in soil balls.

This stabilizes the soil, and prevents it being blow off. We harvest the grass, and feed it to sheep and cows in pens. We collect their dropping and urine, and use them to fertilize the new fields.
So CO2 in the life support gas of plants – oxygen is their waste gas. So we turn Saudi Arabia back into lush farm lands. It fed Rome, in the days of the Roman empire.
Now Arabia can use natural sunlight to support massive farm systems – that take in all the CO2 we can give them.
To get at heat and light, we fire up a steam plasma tube. This will produce 1.2MW of heat and light, from 10-18cc of regular water every year/decade. No CO2 – power from regular water. And no toxic, radioactive waste – like from present nuclear power.
A system so toxic, it requires insurance of 100 billion annually, for ever power station. That insurance not available – so it bought off the regulator.

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