Thursday, 22 December 2016

Reversing Obama care

Obama care is massively expensive, and unpopular with doctors. Dr.s who will have to go back to Trump with a begging bowl this year, to bail them out to the tune of 2 billion: medicine only makes money with cancer, and High ntensty UltraSound waws published as a 1 appointment cure to cancers 14 years ago.
So the US health service is bankrupt. If Trump wishes to recind Obama care, it will ony lgo to the colurts, with a referral. And only the medics could do this – and if they want 2 billion from Trump, they will not refer it.
Then in a year, they will want 10 billion – and climbing exponentially. Donald should just refuse to bail them out. And see what happens. The price of health care will crash to reasonable levels.

1/3rd of NHS health centers is already running in the red – despite an extra 10 billion from the UK government.

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