Saturday, 31 December 2016

Published ultrasound beam

This was for a weapon system. But medicine has now developed HIFU – and ultrasound lasar. Which is an over directed ultrasound beam for cancer and the rest.
It is less effective than High Intensity UltraSound, that produces a 120o ultrasound beam – that clears all cancer cells in an organ.
So medics got the blue prints off the internet – so the device can not be patented. The cheapest and most effective ultrasound device is an ultrasound massage device.
That acts as medically licensed HIUS device – and every Dr has to use: or the 8W3MHz device already in every nurses office, in every health centre in the world.

Application clears all diabetes – though type 1 takes 3 days to clear. After this, no biochemical prescription is legal. Any prescribing Dr, is struck off and invalidate tehir health insurance: all medical practice then illegal.

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