Tuesday, 13 December 2016

My music

You probably gathered, music is important to me – I got back talking through learning to sing. So I was doing urban folk on stage until l4 years ago. Then the money dried up, and my folk ensemble leader retired.
So now I am singing bass in a 4 part harmony choir: Alto is my natural range. The music was in my brain from when I was 14, and played classical clarinet.
So I learned to sing, well enough to do a week on the biggest theatre stage in England.
I composed 8 tunes that were on the radio. Then I got bored, and found a new choir: doing the 4 part harmonies – the hardest music there is.
Since I left Sheffield I got to be a published poet – very useful for song writing.
So I wrote our spring song: we have a battle of the choirs coming up in the Spring. So the choir leader loved my lyrics, and the minimal tune I used to make it up.
So he is away doing the 4 parts for the tune. If this comes up, I will have to look for a music composer, and write an album.

Prof Argent picked up on my singing – before I had really done much: perceptive guy. My choir Eccles day-time choir, that meets Wednesday after noon Eccles library.

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