Saturday, 10 December 2016

Melt the Poles

There are parts of the world too hot – and there are parts covered by ice sheets. The trick is to mechanically mill the ice sheets.
We then get the cold sea water, carrying the ice chips back to the equator. During the day, in the temperate area, the sun will melt the ice chips, so we get more water at 4oC flowing back to the equator. That is the maximum density of sea water. Ice is buoyant, and floats – it is less dense.
So we send the cold back to the hot countries – where it is welcome. Conversely, we are taking cold away from the cold lands, which now get an extended spring and summer.
Loads of plant growth to take in the CO2 – which is at twice the concentration than in the temperate lands.

That's right, cold land – more CO2 in the air. The Jurassic had 4parts per million as the global average – twice today's level. And 3 ice-ages: one lasting 650 million years: CO2 FOLLOWS the ice.

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