Thursday, 1 December 2016

Making petrol

Turns out to be really easy. First you cool the CO2 from the air – there is only 2 parts per million of it – plants cap it at that pre-industrial level.
The pressurised CO2 forms a liquid at high pressure. (Graphic CO2 -1)
We pass water and this liquid into chambers heated by steam plasma tubes.
1 H2O+TU ->He+O+E2 free heat.
Above 4 atmospheres, they will sub unpowered, using very little water, to generate 700oC of Carbon 0 heat. They react above 370oC
2 CO2+2H2O+T+E->CH4+2O2 p<5 p="">
So in a car engine we get the opposite
3 CH4+4O2->CO2+2H2O+E p>5.1
The magic of thermodynamics. So we convert CO2 and steam into methane and oxygen. We use a semipermeable mebrane to take off the oxygen.
We then pass the hot methane up a Ti honneycomb catalyst. Recirculating the uncreated gas. Heptane drips of of the bottom C7H16. We repeat the ti trick, unti l.we get C16H34 – petrol. And diesel oil C12H26.
So we have made carbon fuels, out of CO2 in the air. So as we burn this fuel oil, we only release the CO2 we took in the day before. Carbon 0 power.
Massively cheaper than Fossil Fuels. No drill, no refinery and no shipping the oil asround the world. So each city can make its own petrol and diesel.
From the CO2 released the day before. This is nto perpetual motion – we add heat from a steam plasma tube doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So this builds the hydrocarbon, that releases the fusion heat ai it boils. We have pakaged up nuclear fusion.
I think a simple and easier way is to use a 25x1cm steam plasma tube – at 4 atmospheres pressure. Will relase a constant 580kW, from a voilume of water we will struggle to measure.
10-18cc for the 3 year life of the car.

So Texas can make its own petrol – using science published over a century ago. Saudi Arabia and Venezula are sat on Fossil Fuels – but too expensive. And they release new CO2 into the air – which inc reases crop yields. No CO2 build up in the air is possible.

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