Thursday, 8 December 2016

Making Petrol & Diesel

We are all used to the reaction
1 CH4+P+2O2->CO2+H2Os+E
So methane and high pressure oxygen forms cO2 and steam.
In 1910 they found we can get the opposie reaction
2 CO2+E+H2Os->CH4+2O2 above 370oC, at 1 atmosphere
So at room temperature, a low pressure steam burns moky and black. Now CH4 polymerises into CmHn – C=12 for diesel, C=16 for petrol
So if we pass CH4 down 4 honeycomb Tinium catalyst, we form diesel oil, another 2, we get petrol. It tkes in CO2 to form it, an d then releases the same carbon dioxide as it burns: so it is a carbon net 0 fuel.

So now we need a carbon 0 source of heat: every 3 minute there is a lightening strike around the world – which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
3 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
This liberates 1.2MW/m. But when we put a steam plasma in a glass tube, we do the twice as energetic H fission.
4 1H++e- ->n0 neutron formation
5 16O2++4e- ->8H++6e- oxygen fission
6 1H++r n0 +e-->Er3+L+X-ray massive carbon neutral power.
So net
7 H2O+TU ->Er3+L+X-ray Er3=2.4MW/m
So we use a steam plasma tube to boil off water, and then superheat the steam – and generate power. We then vent the steam to the air – to provide the low pressure end.
We use this power, to cool the air, and concense out liquid CO2. At 100 atmospheres, CO2 liqufies below 0oC.

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Our steam is at 860oC, so as we add the CO2, it cools to 840oC. So we want no source of sparks, so we use Cu plated pipes. In the reactor vessel the turbuletn mixing of gasses gives us CH4. This is a heavy gas, and collects at the base. The oxygen rises to the top.
We take off the O2 – which has high value as LOX – more cooling required. Read
We lead off the methan, and pass it over Ti catalysts – they are not use use. But we form CmHn fuel oil. No drilling, refining – and it counts as a C 0 fuel – as it releases only the CO2 we took in the previous day to make it.
So we suck CO2 from the air in Texas, and make petrol for 5% of the cost of refining crude oil. We have no SO2 – but we would rather not have that in petrol. Just pure hydrocarbon.
The fuel made from the air of the country it is burnt in. So no money t othe middle East or Russia. Russia is about to suffer a mighty economic crash – as crude oil has 0 value. 80% of the Russian budget is about to vanish.
So American dollars can make the fuel oil ofr America – which is how it used to be. Free Gas power The Sabatier reaction is CO2 + 4 H2 → CH4 + 2 H2O ...

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