Friday, 9 December 2016

Home production of petrol

First get your CO2 – a cyulinder of the gas from a joke shop is probably cheapest Otherwise we burn coke in air – and get off hot CO2.
1 C+O2+SP->CO2+E SP=spark.
We have a steam plasma tube in water – that starts will a pulse of 2,000 V – given by a mechanical wind-up capacitor. Then it runs unpowered.
2 H2O+TU->Er3+L+X-ray
So we boil off water to 120oC. We use a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres. This produces 1.2 MW of heat. We employ a second plasma tuybe, to give us steam at 780oC.
We take off 90% t ogenerate power. We are going to get 680kW of power. This will give us an incone of 200,000 UK pounds a year.
The rest we take off, and vent down to 1 bar – and mix it will the CO2. We get the Sabatier reaction.
3 CO2+H2Os->CH4+O3 over 370oC. Vent the O3!
CH4 is methane – natural gas. But we heat the house with the free electricity. We gas the mathane down Titanium honeycomb. We get off diesel of petrol (CmHn – diesel =C12, petrol =C16).
So we get fuel oil dripping off the bottom. This equation was developed in 1910. At low pressure gas is reluctant to burn, with a black flame.
At moderate pressure we get a yellow flame. At hgih pressure we get a white flame.
We can use steam plasma tubes t odrive helicopters – without a Fossil Fuels burn. Off regular water. We can use this cycle to drive a jet plane – with no aviation fuel burn.
Alternatively we make the petrol in a small plant. It only releases the CO2 it took in to form – so a net carbon 0 fuel. We make the CO2 by chilling the air – or burning coke. Areyou listening Texas – make all the petrol for America.
 By increasing the number of Ti panels, we can make free jet fuel.

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