Friday, 30 December 2016

Gold has no value

This was taught in 1982, that gold was soluble in high temperature, high pressure water – in a metallurgy degree at Sheffield University.
There is such a river of water, running along the Earth mantel: the water stays still, the Earth spins. And the water dissolves the gold, silver, platinum, copper etc., from the Earth's mantel. This sinks, and is replaced by new, gold rick magma.

The Earth's core contains 455 million tonnes of gold – it is the 5th most abundant element on Earth. Usually it remains in the deep, and in South Africa, they are cooling the magma – and mining core material.
Usually we get at gold, from what was once volcanic vents on river or sea surfaces. We can do better! We drill down 34 metres: we have used ground sonar, to locate magma pockets,
We get up gold containing steam. As we vent the pressure, the water boils into the steam – and a Dyson dry cleaner will scrub out all the metal dust. We need to build a ruggardised Dyson, to cope with the 280oC, 8 atmosphere's pressure.
So we sell the dust on, to process into metal ingots: 5,000 times more gold than we can use. We will exceed the total gold reserves on Earth, every 2 years.
And we get at steam, idea for power generation, and space heating. So for the cost of some ground sonar, and a 34 metre bore hole, we get at limitless carbon 0 heat. That provides area heating and GOLD.
More gold than the Earth can use. The steam is heated every day, for free, by radioactive processes in the deep.

People around the world are getting and selling gold – selling it to the rich, and stupid of life. The gold prices will crash, totally and for ever.

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