Wednesday, 14 December 2016

GMC expelled from medicine

2002 every Dr on Earth read and verified the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear ALL cancers totally. At 1 appointment: if your GP claims not to know the medicine, he ceased to be a registered Dr 14 years ago.#
Every Dr at the GMC knew and verified the HIUS work. AND THEN WAS BARRED FROM FURTHER WORK ON bio0chemical treatment .
Which they totally ignored, to do 14 years of unethical research. V By co9travennig the Hippocratic oath the GMC and all registered Dr.s ceased to be Dr.s. They have to return all wages – and have voided all pension payments.
The GMC was under the legal imperative to tell all GPs to stop prescribing biochemistry. All GPs were under the same legal burden: read and verify the paper. Then stop all prescription of biochemistry. Also stop all cancer surgery.
Cancer surgeons all knew about HIUS, so the last 14 years work warrant algal fine – up to 10 million for every patient death.
All biochemistry is instantly defective criminal medicine. All GMC/AMA members ceased to be Dr.s 14 years ago.
Teri actions have resulted in 1/3rd of a billion deaths around the world: you would expect some headlines tomorrow
Costing 30 OK pounds. don't hold you breath. Drug companies have compromised the freedom of the press. Below is the home HIUS device I have verified.

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