Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Free home power

We use a commercialyl source home standy by generator -1,700 UK pounds. This turns the DC into Mains AC. See http://www.generators-direct.co.uk/standby-generators?gclid=CLrCqpvmgtECFUa4GwodHFoFVA
Presumably, they have phase lock with the mains – so we can sell up to 8kW of surplus power. Giving us an annual income of 24,000 UK pounds from the grid. So the plant will pay for itself in a month – then we get a reasonable income.
As the heat source, we use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres. This releases 120kW of heat. We only need 20kW of heat.
Another option is to use a home thermoelectric generator – see http://thermoelectric-generator.com/
So we are looking at under 2,000 UK pounds to generate all your power needs from regular water for life – selling excess power to the grid, So there are 20 million house holds in Britain – selling 160MW to the national grid during the day.
Companies can generate 20MW of power. Selling 80GW of power during the evening and night. Drawing no current from the grid. This is twice the total power demand of the UK.
Generating no hyper-toxic radioactive waste. Requiring no 100 billion per plant insurance – required from a Uranium nuclear plant: no commercial insurance above 1 billion available. So all nuclear plants around the world are operating illegally! They have bought off their regulators – the biggets illegality in corporate history.
So Hinkley and Sizewell the most illegal plants that have ever existed: there will never be a legal Hinkley or Sizewell C – as they are operating illegally today.

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