Friday, 9 December 2016

Free heat and power

A steam plasna tube liunked to a Sterling engine. Read
So for 10,000 you can have a mains power system to supply mains voltage and all the heat the house needs.
We sell 15kW t olthe national grid – getting 45,000 UK pounds annually. So the system will pay back in 4 months. No utility bill ever – they pay you. A good sallery. So a sterling engine can give 30% efficiency.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres produces 1.2MW of heat. It converts all the water molecules into heat.
So in 5 years, we are looking about using 7.5x10-19cc of distilled water: buy a bottel from your local garage. Just once in your life time.
So we do
1 H2Os AC.+TU ->Er3+L+X-ray Google 'Jonathan Thomason nuclear fusion' for my explanation of Molecular Nuclear Fusion. My posts also cover H fission and plasma tubes.
The ready made Sterling engine cost 6,000 UK pounds, and has all the electronics to produce mains AC. You then need a meter, to measure the current you are selling to the national grid.
To get m ore serious, we link a steam plasma in a boiler, to produce steam. And add this to the heated air. We have a cArntoi system to recover 85% of our system heat, and all of our water.

For 2% of the generated power, we increase our power output and earmings by a factor of 9.

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