Saturday, 17 December 2016

Free American power

A river of water circulates anticlockwise around the Earth – the water stays still, and the Earth revolves clockwise.
As it flows on the Earth's mantel, it is heated to just below the tripple point for water – so we get superheated liquid water at 280oC, 8 atmospheres. And it flows 10 – 34 metres below the Earth's surface – 2o below surface rivers.
So we drill down to this water, and get up a stream of dirty water: the water contains gold, silver, copper and platinum power – though sometimes also salt.
So we pass it through a ruggardized Dyson dry cleaner, and get metal power – we sell on to process into ingots. Man has only got 50,000 tonnes of gold – 8 bore holes will prodcue that every 2 tears.
So we get clean steam at 270oC, 7.8 atmospheres. We pass it over Carnto heat pump tubes, and heat the water up to 800oC. We pass over a steam turbine, and gnerate 20kW of carbon 0 power.
To start, we passs over 200 thermoelectric pads, which cost $20 dollars each, and only generate 8kW. The national grid will pay us $24,000. And then we save up for the turbnie – which will cost under $30k. See 20 Kw Steam Turbine – Alibaba
So this will supply the poer for 30 power users – carbon 0, non toxic power. You can build the system in your back lot.
And you get that 5tonnes of gold and other matals a year.
$36,559,092.00 annually

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