Friday, 30 December 2016

Exploiting BUPA & insurance

Health insurance only makes sense, if a person spends 2,000 UK pounds ($3,500) at the end of their lives, taking biochemical treatmen ts to give them a 2 year death from cancer.
Since 2002 ALL cancers have been curable at 1 appointment using High Intensity UltraSound.
Product Details
High Intensity Focussed UltraSound costs $3,600 and may still kill you in 2 years – it is a less effective form of ultrasound, that no Dr can use.
As he has a 8W 3MHz ultrasound unit in the nursing office: effective HIUS, that cures all cancers in just 20 seconds.
But Dr wages are tied to prescribing defective biochemistry, so they were never going to use nearly free, effective HIUS.
The Dr.s own Hippcrtic oath prevents them using HIFU: or their health insurance is invalidated, and they are permanentlky expelled from medicine. All Dr.s who prescribed biochemistry etc. sinmce 2002, no longer registered medics.
So they are forbidden from practising medicine.
½ a minute of HIUS to each siude of the chest, throat and nose, plus glads below the jaw, are cured of all infections. Prescribing fungal antibiotics since 2002 has been illegal.
And health insurance has paid for both antibiotics and biochemical treatments – so they have been exploited by drug compasnies.
They have paid for illegal, defective medicine.
HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all diabetes: type 1 takes 3 days to remit, totally and for ever.

HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidenys clears coronary heart disease: verified by every GP 2012. Whno0 have used health insurance to pay for defective, criminal medicine.
The lack of health insurance is the kicker: all uninsured medics must leave medicine – at their own volition.
And a 8 UK pounds ultrasonic massage device totally clears cancers – BUPA etc. have been extorted.

½ a minute to each side of the chest clears even 40 year entrenched asthma – personally confirmed 2023. ½ a minute to each side of the head clears all dimensia: MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia, ADHD, depression.

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