Saturday, 3 December 2016

Cure your own cancer

The Moffitt Cancer Centre cured cancer in 2002: no expensive biochemical death in 2 years. A 1 appointment total cure. The 3 medical professors left in disgust, as the Moffitt went back to dfective biochemistry – to make oads of money by killing their patients.
Every patient killed aa fine of $15 million, and 25 years in jail for all concerned medics.
Behaviour totally prohibited by the Hippocratic oath: any doctor usnig defective emdicine, and so killnig the patient, no longer a Dr, and facing multiple counts of 1st degree murder.
Who would do anything that criminal? Every prescribing Dr on Earth – every Dr on Earth.
But Dr.s have no monopoly on ultrasound. The High Intensity UltraSound includes 150 W 40 kHz, which I used to cure late stage liver cancer: the guys face was a picture, as the pain and cancer went.
I published my work on the internet 2013 – read by every Dr on Earth. Who all had to confirm my work – or ceased to be Dr.s. Then then had to use the new medicine. They didn't. Their professional oath required it.
So all their health insurances were void. They were struck off Dr.s, with no valid insurance. Practising medicine was doubly criminal. The GMC allowed this – as they are the Dr.s own trade organisation.
They carried the insurance, so have they have never informed the medics they have no insurance, the GMC is liable for the 80 billion – from the 8 million patients killed. Dying to totally avoidable agony.
But a 8W 1mhz ultrasound massage device is the world cheapest, effective HIUS unit – clearing IBS, colon and breast cancer.
Suitable devices are available from Amazon or Ebay: Amazon may be better made – but the device only needs to work once to clear ANY cancer.
Drug companies said 'it only works for some cancers'. All cancers have an over inflated nature – which is why they show up on ultrasound scans. So all are cleared by HIUS.
'You need constant use'. At 0.002 cents a time – think it through. You only need it once, to set off a body wide action to clear secondaries.

So a total 1 appointment cure to ALL cancers, needing no Dr.. Buy your own HIUS device – for 30 UK pounds. And clear your own cancer. Forward this message to any friend of yours with cancer. Let's get the world cancer free.

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