Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Clearing diabetes

2013 I was wandering around with a 150W 40kHz ultrasound massage device – that was benign to body cells, but cleared all cancer cells: as medical verified by the Moffitt in 2002.
It was medically published, so read and verified by every Dr on Earth. Who now was prohibited by the Hippocratic oath from prescribing or researching biochemistry. Biochemistry was criminal science 2002.
So every Dr who has engaged with biochemistry and cancer for the last 14 years, no longer a registered Dr – their health insurance was invalid for 14 years. Such individuals are excluded from medicine.
I was in my church health group, confirming the medicine published in New Scientist 2012. HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys clears heart disease. I had tried without the kidneys, but type 2 heart disease colonises the kidneys.
I tried it on type 2 diabetes. Effective in clearing the inflated cells causing the disease in 10 seconds: they have viral alteration. Through my American friend, have found HIUS to the liver and kidneys for 1 minute and 30s respectively, stops the disease coming back 8 years later.
Through my American friends I found type 1 diabetes has a 3 days delay before clearing totally and for ever. Medics are now saying 'We can clear diabetes'
The Hippocratic oath prohibits research of any disease already cleared. Next they will announce the cure of cancer.
Applying HIUS to one cancer will produce the active antibodies, pills of these enzyme will cure other people of the same cancer.

HIUS to the head several times for 1 minute will clear strokes and traumatic head injuries. It will also fix spine damage.

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