Friday, 16 December 2016

Biochemistry bankrupt

The stock market value of the biochemical industry is the arithmetic sum of all the firms patents. Which all are constrained by the Hippocratic oath.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to totally cure cancer at 1 appointment: that was 14 years ago. During which time Hippocratic oath swearing medics have been financially induced to write out biochemical prescriptions- to provide patients with a 2 agonising 2 year decline to death.
HIUS is the best medicine. Biochemistry in defective medicine – totally criminal. So totally valueless.
Law firms have been employed to defend biochemical patents for defective drugs. Such patents can't give any protection to defective medicine – who would wish to copy drugs no Dr can ethically prescribe.
So Dr.s have continued to prescribe criminal medicine – killing the patients. The legal fine for this is 10 million UK pounds – $15,000. The Dr is struck off at their first defective prescription, and get a 25 year jail term for every patient killed.
Each former Dr has killed 10,000 patients. Each drug company 100 million patients. A fine of 1 trillion. The largest fines in legal history.
All biochemical drug are criminal – and should not be produced and sold, except by people manning a Nazi death chamber in 1944.

All the biochemical industry no has no value. If you have shares, the certificates are great for starting a fire. Otherwise they are of no value or use.

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