Sunday, 11 December 2016

America's new oil age

Came in with fracking. Drilling down into coal deposits (preferably off shore) and exploding high explosive allows geothermal water to pass through the coal in turbuletn fashion.
1 C+3H2O+P+T->CH4+He+O3
This is explosive gases. WE nee American gas and petrol.d to pass through a settling tank, and allow the He and O3 to pass through a semipermeable membrane. We process these into liquid oxygen, and cylinder of pressurised He – ideal for welding.

So a non fossil source of helium – which will never run out. It is worth more than gold – weight for weight. Liquid oxygen has high commercial demand.
Up to this stage we need to use Cu plated engineering – to avoid sparks. So we have lmitless amounts of methane.
We pass this through 6 Ti honeycomb catalysts – and get out light diesel and petrol -C8: diesel is CmHn ranging approximately from C10H20 to C15H28. So CnH2n generally.
Petrol is CnH2n+2 . Same carbon number. So after 6 catalyst sheets, light diesel and petrol drip out. The catalyst is not affected.

So we turn coal into petrol and diesel. If we have deep mines already built, we can mine coal, and trun it into petrol. This will cost 15% less than Fossil Fuels. Deep sea fracking will produce petrol for 5% of Fossil Fuels.

So Donald Trump can turn American coal, into American gas and petrol.

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