Friday, 16 December 2016

0 carbon energy

A steam plasma makes massive 0 carbon heat
1 H2O+TU->He+O+E2+X-ray
We can use this to drive a steam cycle. A 50x1cm steam plasma in a glass tube makes a constant 1.2MW of heat – put it in water, to stop the tube melting. We get 58% energy conversion – so we are talking about oner ½MW of electricity.
With no CO2 – but that gas supports all plant an animal life on Earth. Photosynthesis on land and in the seas caps CO2 at the doern level of 2 parrts per million.
In the Jurassic warm periods, thatg was 4ppm. Sea levels were 60 metres lower, and there was 65% more active life: that foremd Fossil Fuels, at the Jurassic mass extinction.
So we burn the Fossil Fuels, and get that life back. Nuclear power concocted Global Warming, and forgot to factor in photosynthesis – the dominant lfie sopport system on Earth. No rational scientist could support Global Warming or Climate Change : the later devices in 2005, after a decade of natuyral global cooling. With CO2 a static trace gas.
The Jurassic hazd 3 hatural ice ages, when CO2 ROSE to 8 parts per million. 1 ice age lasted 650 million years.
But Molecular Nuclear Fusion is massive heat – from the turbulent flow of water or steam. So clean, free non polluting power.
Nuclear power is so toxic, every uranium nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion: nto commercially available.
It was cheaper to buy of the regulators – the most massive corporate commercial criem in history. It will ensure no new nuclear plant will ever get operating consent.

Hinkley C, the world's biggest white elephant in history – 18 billion of useless engineering.

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