Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The solution to cancer

In 2008, I thought up the idea of giving a drip of IL-2 and Il-4, to cause the human immune system to produce the active antibodies to cancers. There are 6 common ones.
One of which is the antibody to viral type division: Cancers have to be over-inflated, in order to divide and grow.
Human cells bud off the stem cells – so never divide. So all cancers would be cured by the antibody to viral type division – but not even Cambridge would make this drug. But during my time on a PhD I had suggested using high power ultrasound to destroy fast growing cell types.
2002 and the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound, to destroy cells doing viral type division – included cancer.
So all cancers have to be over-inflated, in order to grow in a viral sort of way. So e.g. external application of HIUS destroys cancer cell, while leaving body cells alone. The exploding cancer cells create an immune action, that causes the secretion of the human antibodies.
So it does my antibody idea. And ultrasonic massage devices from Ebay or Amazon selectively destroy cancer cells. e.g. 8W 1MHz – Dr.s have a 8W 3MHz device which is also HIUS.
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So when you see a Dr about cancer he has the paid for device, which will clear all cancers at 1 appointment. He has the ultrasound to highlight where the cancer is. And under 1 minute of HIUS will destroy the cancer.
At home we can get a HIUS device in under 5 days, and we apply externally, until we feel warming. And all 200 types of cancer respond.
I would also HIUS the liver and known secondaries for 1 minute – or until you feel warming. ½ a minute to each arm pit, and side of the head.
So all brain cancers can be cleared with no surgery: no cancer surgery is ethically allowed or legal. All biochemistry is now criminal – and has been for 14 years.
So families can claim back all biochemical medical costs, and 10 million for each family member killed in agony. The Dr is also struck off, and banned from medicine for life.

A HIUS device can be bought for under $30. Medical practices owe for 80,000 patients killed – 10 million each. 8 billion. And permanently excluded from medicine – as are biochemical companies.

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