Saturday, 19 November 2016

CO2 tracks ice

People who invoke this about Climate Change, are NEVER scientists. Scientists all aggre that modern photosynthesis on the land and seas, cap fee CO2 at 2 parts per million, around the world in the afternoon air.
Levels can only be higher, above the Poles, or in a natural ice-age. That is the consensus: CO2 is a static trace gas.
Its levels increase globally 4 years into a natueral ice-age. If ti warmed the air, there never could be an ice-age.
In the Jurassic CO2 levels in the 3 natural aice-age skiked at 8 ppm. One ice-age, for 560 MILLION YEARS. Before the ice-age, levels were twice today's static levels, at 4ppm.

I told Sheffield University this 2001 – they ended my PhD inot Global Warming. At that stage, the global climate had been cooling for 6 years.
 Nature does nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of water. The free, carbon 0 massive energy system.

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