Friday, 25 November 2016

My fusion contact

Sir Richard Branson.
He is interested in my practical insights from 1982, that a working jet engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So every steam turbine gives off X-rays, and produces He and O gases. This is important, as it allows us to run a jet engine off water – no CO2.
For simplicity we start off the jet on full fuel burn. Then when we are at 50m. We turn on the water.
We pump it into a porous exhaust manifold, where it is heated to 850oC+, and boils – into superheated steam. We add this at the end of the combustion chamber, and feather off the aviation fuel – and turn down the air compressor Which is a major drag on the plane.
As the steam passes through the engine, it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – maybe even h fission. So the air passing through the engine heats up, and the thrust goes up.
I have been talking about injecting water drops into the exhaust. These boil – doing more Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So we drive the plane at hypersonic speed – off regular (filtered) water. We burn fuel at take off and landing.
As I noted in 2001, plants convert extra CO2 into biomass within 5 minutes: there is no cO2 build up in the air – CO2 is still at a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
So here we have a jet plane running off water. We use steam plasma tubes and thermoelectric crystals to generate all home power, off regular water.
They have already got operational thermoelectric cars and bikes. Which leaves hyper toxic nuclear power as the world's biggest source of CO2 gas – due to all the concrete to build its rapid turn over of power plants.
Fukishima showed old nuclear plants are very dangerous – they have been designed to work for 25 years, then break.

And when they do break, they cause a 100 billion disaster, willing at least 20 million. The world's most toxic and dangerous power system. At least extra CO2 boosts plant growth – nuclear power just kills ALL life.

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