Friday, 25 November 2016

Lose that weight

Weight gain is caused by eating too much, or a bacteria laying down a protective fatty sheath. Hence even prople who eat little can pile on the weight.
The Moffitt cancer centre gave us the answer in 2002: so was ethically prevented from weight loss surgery ever again. The medics are dismissed, and the patient given a financial payment.
High Intensity UltraSound clears inflated viral structures – that cause cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They also punch through the fatty sheath, and make the bacteria experieeince cell content boiling, and fragment. The fatty sheath means regular use of a HIUS unit is required.
Product Details
When I tried this, the 1st time I got the trots. So did my cleaner. Just like whe nyouo are ill – the bacterial structure iritates the colon, and you rush to the toilet.
Then the bacterial structure is cleared out – and it wil lnto happen again. So regular use of the HIUS devcuie keeps you weight down.
In just the same way, HIUS fro ½ a mintue to each side of the chest wil clear away viral altered cell from the lungs – we stop lung cancer. Which is 80% of cancers out there.

Women may already have such a device. It also clears scaring. And applied to CLOSED eyes for up to 1 minte, sorts out eye problems.

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