Saturday, 12 November 2016

Limitless GOLD

 There is 455 million tonnes of gold in the Earth's core. The super heated water orbiting on the Earth's mantel hold a l8mit concentration of Au, Ag, Pt, Cu and the other heavy metals – Au=gold. Ag=silver. Man's mining has only yielded 2,000 tonnes.
So this means we do not have to sink deep mines, if we get at the water, e get the gold out in the water. The easiest way is to drill down to a mantel pocket.

We can use ground sonar to locate the river of geothermal water, and drill down. We explode high explosive, to create an artificial a mnetal pocket – where we want it.
We drill down to the water, and get superheated water – 250oC, 8 atmospheres. It is only liquid because of the pressure. We vent it to 7.5 atmospheres, and it evaporates. We pass it through a ruggardised Cynon dry cleaner, and scrub out the heavy metal powder.
This is our gold, and we sell on to a metals company. To turn it in to ingots – paying us by the weight of metals produced. A mine will produce a constant isotope concentration – so any given geothermal mine, will produce a constant metal dust.
I had this idea at Sheffield University, department of engineering materials – who told me that studying Global Warming did not mean curing it!
Because we now pass the clean steam through a turbine, and produce carbon 0 heat – with none of the 100 billion per plant insurance required by hyper toxic nuclear power: all been operating illegally since Chernobyl – due to the financial payments made to the regulator.
So here we use the waste heat of the Earth, to produce free power – with gold and platinum in. No shortage of gold -5th most abundant element on Earth.
And the geothermal water leaches it from the Earth's core, all ready for us. And we get free3, carbon 0 power. I thought a bore hole 10-20m, but I was assured we want 34m.
Manchester council drilled down 1/2km looking for free flat heating. They did not use ground sonar – so missed the mantel pockets. So they had the right general idea, with out knowing the fine detail.

They would also have got gold and free power. South Africa uses deep mines to get at this gold source.
 free power.

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