Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Infinite free energy

A H plasma – which is how all radiant stars shine.
1 xH+=p+.xn0
xH++e- ->x n0
So the turbulence of the plasma converts hydrogen nuclei into bunches of neutrons. That break apart.
2 xH++s n0 ->Es3+L+X-ray
And the neutrons convert other hydrogens into massive heat, light and X-rays. E=1018/sec.
The sun burns 4 billion kilograms of H second; 1.2x1042W of heat a second from the sun.
So our 1m H plasma tube Should generate 1.2xMMMMMMW per secomnd. 1018W. Of carbno neutral heat.
We need the plasma 1x0.5m to get 1.2WM per second. The tube will still need to be silica, sitting in a water bath to prevent melting. So we get 650kW beign generated.
We use the tube to raise steam, and pass it through a thermoelectric grid, on the garrage roof. Suitably protected from rain. We get off a constant 26kW of power. We convert t omains aC – 24kW.
We want 8kW, so we sell 16kW t othe national grid – or our neighbours. An annual income of720,00 UK pounds – from a plant costing 950 UK pounds.
Carbon neutral, non toxic power. From regular water, using equipment available over the internet.
We may prefer a deicated waste heat power plant – that comes with all the electrics done. Read http://ietd.iipnetwork.org/content/waste-heat-recovery-power-generation

We use a steam plasma tube as our waste heat – btu we get 3000oC, rather than only 400.

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