Friday, 18 November 2016

HIUS for cancer

In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the clearance of cancer using Hiogh Intensity UltraSound. Every medic has vowed to be informed of, validate and use new medical advances.
Some dr friends were saying 'I can't find the paper' – as the Moffitt delete it, as I found an ultrasonic massage devices was a far cheaper, medically licensed HIUS device.

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When I reminded them, they has to have read and validated the paper, or be struck off, they shtu the hell up. Every Dr on Earth read and validated HIUS.
But then stayed with prescribing defective biochemistry. Behaviour prohibited by the hippocratic oath. All prescribing dr.s were expelled from medicien 14 yeasrs ago,
To ignore HIUS was to lsoe your health insurance. So every prescribing dr has lost their insurance – even though they pay for it. The AMA and GMC should tell medics their insurance is no longer valid – adb they are barred from prqcticing medicine for lfie.
But this also applies to Dr.s within the gMC and AMA – and they don't want t ogive up on the major medical cash cow.
Without biochem,istry, medicine loses massive money. So they figured 'let's carry on – nobody will know better'
Wrong. Everybody who works in ultrasound knows how dangerous it is. But massage devices are designed to clear scars and wribkles, but not harm body cells. And they also clear all cancers, plus the structures that cause diabetes and heart disease.
There is no excuse for applying defective medicine. And now people are using HIUS at home, with no hospital or Dr involvemeent. Adn ttoally clearing the condition.
Under 1 mkinute of external HIUS clears al lcancers. So the emdical cash cow has escaped. ½ a minute of HIUS to each side of the head clears mental health problems: MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia...
And medics havc already published the use of HIUS for ½ a mintue to the to pleft of the chest and the kidneys to clear heart disease.
2013 I published the use of HIUS for ½ a minute to the bottom right of the chest to clear diabetes – my American firiends ay type 1 only clears after 3 days.
HIUS to the chest, throat, nose and glands you chin clears all infections.
Thus prescribing drugs invalidate a GPs HEALTH COVER – AND THE MUST LEAVE MEDICINE INSTANTLY.

If they have any humanity they will. Medicien with no insurance is illegal.

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