Monday, 7 November 2016

Gas lights do nuclear fusion

Gas lights emit visible light and X-rays – both speak of nuclear ractions: we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 CH4+pO2->(CO2+n(H2O-E))+r(He+O3+Er3)
So oxidising carbon fuels would take in heat. It is only the nuclear fusion whicxh makes the whole process exothermic.
We can double the heat, but having a Face Centred Cubic metal around – like Ti or Zn. So zinc platig boiler plates would halve our gas usage,
Covered in the literature

Modern Instrumental Analysis - Page 249 - Google Books Result
Satinder Ahuja, ‎Neil Jespersen - 2006 - ‎Science
and places the wire in the flame of a Bunsen burner the wire will heat and glow red. ... 9.3 X-RAY EMISSION X-ray emission is often called x-ray fluorescence

So a Geiger counter wil show any bunsen burner does nuclear fusion while working.

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