Thursday, 24 November 2016

Fresh water for Texas

I was in Texas 2 ½ years ago – I wish I had had all the ~FaceBok friends I have now, back then. I had a friend grow up in Texas, so I followed the drought with alarm.
There is no need for tExas to be short of water.

Major waterways

So there are loads of rivers: But there is a problem with all global water ways – particularly prof Argent's interest in heavy metals – he died 3 years ago. It would have been useful to talk with him today – a great intellect.
My interest in the climate gave me an interest in desalination. Boiling water takes a lot of energy. High pressure desalination is dangerous and also energy expensive.
We could use steam plasma tubes as a source of heat. A 1mx2cm steam plasma tube releases a constant 8.6MW of heat, from 4x10-18cc of regular water a year. Once started it self sustains.
So used as a heat source, it effectively makes free steam. Which has no salt or heavy metals in. We pass the steam through a turbine, and generate power we can then use to pump the water inshore. Free water for the world.
Placing these tubes along the polar ice boundaries, will;l melt the ice – and the cold will flow back to the equator. So warming the Poles, and cooling the equator – life will love it.
The simplest idea is from High School physics. We use very little power to impose a 1m vacuum on sea or river water.
We extract pure water – no salts or contaminants. So we can suck pure water from the rivers above, and return it to the high lands.
So rather than let the water flow into the sea, we let the contaminants flow on, and reuse the water. And we can suck pure water out of the seas.
No salts – ideal for agriculture. And the seas are an inexhaustible source of water. We just use 1st year physics to purify the water, and make it safe to irrigate the field, and water the cattle.
At a stroke, we end all droughts.
1 E=0.09xV
So we get a massive volume of water fro very little power. But we pass the water through a vacuum, before it meets the air art 1 atmosphere. So we generate 20MW, enough to power the vacuum, and pump the water to high storage.
So no battery or solar panel is required. The vacuum generates power for us. We turn the turn at 0.5m, and drive our pumps at 0.02m. So it is not perpetual motion.
We generate more power than we use. The trick arises because the water boils into steam. Usually we add heat – here we reduce the pressure.
So the turbine rotates in the other direction – but we generate more power than we use.

So we purify our water for free. And fresh water will be in far greater demand than oil in 20 years. Here is now to make it for free. Which will win elections big time.

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