Friday, 25 November 2016

Free power

Heavy rain and snow releases X-rays and heat as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Down to -50oC in the Arctics. No 10 millionoC: that is the result of nuclear fusion in sun's coronas – not the requirement.
1 H++e- ->n0+L+X-ray
2 1H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray
3 2H++e- ->Er3+L+X-ray
Around the earth, the turbulent flow of steam or high pressure water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
4 H2O+TU->Er3+L+X-ray
The hydrogen ions bond with free electrons, and these bond with the oxygen ions, to form 8 hydrogens. In a glass tube, a steam plasma converts all of the water molecule into massive heat, with light and X-rays.
So a steam plasma is the ultimate clean energy system: no CO2, and no solid radioactive waste. So no 100 billion per plant insurance.

So all the scientists researching Climate Change, how many are studying steam plasmas: 0. No money from nuclear power.
Lightening demonstrates a steam plasma at 4 atmospheres releases 1.2MW of heat from a 50x1cm steam plasma tube. Which will generate 600kW via a steam turbine. 36KW via a thermoelectric crystal – 0 carbon power. Non toxic, no Fossil Fuels – so free.
So we need to fire up a 50x1cm steam plasma, and find out the driving currents at increasing pressure: it self sustains between 3 and 4 atmospheres.
We need to know the tube temperature, and use if water. My calculations suggest 23x10-18cc per year, to generate 100MW. This is such a small volume.
And the Earth has so much water. We lose all the helium gas to space, and at lightening strikes the free oxygen bonds with H gas from space – to give us water.
And the Earth has more than enough water, to drive hypersonic space ships, for the 4 billion years before the Earth is swallowed by the sun.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
We can use steam plasma tubes to generate power and heat, so we can colonise Io and distant planets.
For a conventional jet, we place a ring of water nozzle in the jet exhaust. So once in the air, we pump out water drops. And the boiling water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So we increase the speed of the jet by a factor of ten. We can heat water in the exhaust manifold, so we can use the steam in place of combustion products – and fly to the Moon: On the dark side of the Earth, and go underground on the Moon, before sun up – as solar radiation would be fatal.
The Apollo mission did not bother – as the NASA footage was shot in area 51, and slowed down, so it looked like they were on a Moon – with no stars.
Apollo 14 supposedly returned in the worst solar storm of the 20th century: no health problems – from any Apollo mission. So NASA never left the Earth.
Now we can fly to the Moon – but always avoid solar radiation. The 'distraught' were on massive non-disclosure agreements, so never owned up.

This is why some NASA footage from 500 miles apart on the Moon, has the same back drops. Survival time outside the Earth's magnetic field 2 days. So an Apollo craft would arrive at the Moon, with black smudges on the floor, where there used to be astronauts. Even today we could not do extra vehicular activity in the light. Instant death.

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