Thursday, 24 November 2016

Free power
The themoelectric efficiency is only 4%. So we need a massive heat source. Lightening shows us the way.
A 1.5kmx2cm steam plasma release 2.5x1030W of power, as heat, light and X-rays. A seam plasma in a water bath. Converts al this power into heat. The surface temperature of a lightening bolt is 10 millionoC – so this is our heat source.
Steam engine fire tubes set up a steam plasma, and ran at 3,000oC – though the burnt coal gave us between 360 & 750oC. It also released X-ray, of which there is no chemical source.
Boiler room also ga ve off ligth and X-rays, or which there is no chamical source. So the stean plasma does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2++4e2+L+X-ray+E2
Interestingly enough, burning petrol or diesel in a car engine also fores up a steam plasma , and does the same Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
So the nuclear fusion engine on Earth is the steam plasma. Actually oxidising the carbon takes in heat – best avoided.
So we taje a 1m x 1cm glass tube, filled with steam from a paint stripper – pumped in to a pressure of 4 atmospheres.
We then borrow the eelctric from a fluorescent light – and fire up the plasma. We have the glass tube inside a metal tube, and drop it into water. The metal does not shatter – the naked glass would.
The tube will reach the same 3,000oC, so the boiler water will reach boiling point in only 10 seconds. Just time for us to screw down the boiler cover.
We then direct the steam at 120oC into a superheat chamber, where ti leaves at 700oC. Then into a 100 kW turbine purchased over the internet. This is our big outlay.
The exit steam is at 1,400oC, so we cool it on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump – pressurises the gas, and superheat the entry steam. 4% of the initial system power, to increase the total power out put by a factor of 3.
So initially we feed a bank of thermoelctric pads, that will give us 20kW. This is 60,000 UK pounds annually from the national grid. Supplying 8 houses with carbon 0 power.
So in a year we have bought and installed our little turbnie. Thermoelectric pads are 4% effeiicient, but for only 9,000 UK pounds, we generate our power. 9 1,000 pounds thermoelctric generators. Now we generate 600 kW – and annual income of 1.8 mililon. 8,000 houses.
So every 8,000th house sets up a thermo electric generator, and in 1 year there is no power demand for large power stations.
People are generatig their power in outhouses – 1 per neighbourhood.

The thermoelectric pads – give them to the 3rd world: stop infecnt death from open fires. Cinvert the world to electricity.

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