Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Free heat and power

From a 25x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres. Otherwise use the heat output from your central heating system as the heat source,
During the summer, we use a standard gas burner.
We feed the heat into a thermoelectric device. We want to pass air up the steam plasma tube, to produce hot air at 350oC. Then we use a commercially available waste heat generator. Look at http://www.genset-gelec.com/diesel-generator/?gclid=COfoj66ZmdACFUMTGwodHSEHk
So if we use the steam plasma tube, we sell our excess carbon 0 power to the grid. We don't buy power.
 And once started, the steam plasma runs for free – using very, very little water: 2x10-18cc per decade. The thermoelectric generator will cost under 1,200 UK pounds to buy.
And has all the electronics to produce mains AC. And will give us an annual income of 18,000 UK pounds FROM the national grid – for our excess power.
The proposed Hinkley C would require insurance of 100 billion – after Fukishima. Not commercially available. So the plant could never start up.

So would never be paid for, or operate. So will never be built. The thermoelectric effect and steam plasma tubes gives us massive free power -that PAYS US an income.

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