Sunday, 6 November 2016

Free heat and power

We use a steam plasma tube as our free heat source – into a thermoelectric crystal, to produce DC and heat. Read
We use standard electronics, to convert the DC into AC of mains frequency. We are looking at $10 for the crystals – against $27,000 for a small turbine – though it is twice as efficient.
The steam plasma doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->2H+=O2+=4e- We convert the steam into positive ions and electrons – through the turbulence in the plasma.
2 16O2++6e-+4n0 ->8H+ The plasma burns the heavy ions into hydrogens.
3 H+=r n0 ->Er3+L=X-ray massive heat
The plasma take 2,000V to set up, and self sustains above 4 atmospheres. We utilise 2x10-20cc of regular water a year – a tiny, tiny pump. Injecting liquid water into a hypodermic needle, where it boils and leaves as steam.
So we get1.2MW of heat – lightening is a 1.5kn 2cm steam plasma which makes 5 tonnes of helium gas – 2.5x1030W of heat.
Now the thermoelectric crystals are only 4% efficient. So we get 48kW of electricity. Each house only needs 8W. So we are going to sell 40kW to the grid – and annual income of 120,000. So probably we want 4 1m tubes, to give us 3.2 million a year. A life times income in 14 months.
Here the thermoelectric crystals will cost us $80, and the 4 tubes – how much are fluorescent light?
And all the electronics for $350.
We supply all the power and heat for the house – and sell our excess power to the national grid. I have quoted at 2p per kW hour – which nuclear power gets.
We would be happy with 0.25p per kW hour. That is about 3 cents. So all new houses should be sold with a seam plasma heat and power unit.

Older houses could retrofit a unit in the roof space, or out building.

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