Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Free Earth power

There are 2 ideas, either we drill down to the mantle, at get at unlimited volumes of geothermal steam. As super heated water, at 250oC, and 8 atmospheres.
Or we collect sea or lake heat int oa low pressure gas. Which starts off at -22oC, and once we have triple the pressure, we have water at 190oC. And 3 atmospheres.
We heat a thermoee;lctric sheet – which ony lconverts 4% of the heat into power. So we want 320kW, to provide us with 8kW os power. This is not a large number.
We need ¼ of a square mile of sea, or 1/6th of a square mile of land surface To provide us with free electrictiy.
The power to drive the pump is negligible. So then we get free elecricity – using commercially available plant. Using sciecne from the 1950s. We go off grid.
If we confirm a steam plasma tube does hydrogen fission. And a 50x1cm glass tube produces 1.2MW at 4 atmospheres, we will provide 40kW of power. This is a game changer.
Free power for the masses – no CO2, or hyper toxic radioactive waste. Incidentally since 1984, huclear power has run with 5 million insurance – when it needed 40 billion. Now it needs 100 billion.
Academics are nto allowed to work for an illegal organisation – so all the fiction og Global Warming must be shredded.
No work on Climate Change has been done – but the world media acts like its is Global Warming, and has been donw. All the gW work must be deleted, and al lresearch money returned.
So Climate Change has no intellectual validity. Now we can produce carbon 0 heat, for a plant or bore hole costing 2,000 UK pounds. Then free power for ever.

Which changes stuff – power is safe and free: and uranium fission is neither – and illegla.

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