Friday, 25 November 2016

Free carbon 0 power for the home

Available High Temperature:

  • Calcium/Manganese (CMO) TEG modules up to 800°C hot side!
  • Cascade (High Temperature (CMO) bonded with Bi2Te3 cold side.
  • These are the first Cascade Thermoelectric TEG modules ever to be available commercially hot side up to 600°C.
  • CMO materials are extremely stable and will last up to 50 years with little or no degradation. They are the first high temperature material in this temperature range to be offered in the last 40 years!
So the thermoelectric effect is useful up to 800oC. We are sitting our tubes in a waer bath, so we produce steam at 140oC.


The typical efficiency of TEGs is around 5–8%. Older devices used bimetallic junctions and were bulky. More recent devices use highly doped semiconductors made from bismuth telluride (Bi2Te3), lead telluride (PbTe),[11] calcium manganese oxide (Ca2Mn3O8),[12][13]or combinations thereof,[14] depending on temperature. These are solid-state devices and unlike dynamos have no moving parts, with the occasional exception of a fan or pump. For a discussion of the factors determining and limiting efficiency, and ongoing efforts to improve the efficiency, see the article Thermoelectric materials - Device efficiency.
I saw the number of 370oC. This would require us to condense the stean using a Carnot heat pump, and super heat the steam before the thermoelectric generator.
Alternatively, we run our system as Sterling generator, and super heat our air to 400oC. This avoids a steam cycle, and effciiencies of 8% are being mentioned.
This is a simple ssytem, and as the air is heated, it draws in new, cooled air. So our thermoelectric generator acts as an air cooler.
We want to produce in excess of 8kW – which may require a 10kW system. The miltary are on the case.

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