Thursday, 3 November 2016

Fix the thyroid

I used a High Intensity UltraSound device to clear ALL diabetes: type 2 clears instantly, type 1 after 3 days. I have personally cured 30 diabetics around the world.
So now all registered Dr.s have to apply their 8W 3MHz ultrasound device to the lower right of the rib cage. The patient feels nothing. Within 3 minutes the type 2 diabetic is red faced, with normal insulin levels.
So every Dr on Earth has promised to validate, and employ new medicine: so biochemical treatments and diabetic pills are defective, criminal medicine. Any Dr not trying out HIUS and relying on old ideas, ceases to be a Dr.
They invalidate their health insurance, and can no longer practice medicine – the first papers on HIUS clearing diabetes were published on the Internet 2008. Any biochemical prescription for diabetes since then is grounds for the Dr to Be struck off, and pay back all medical fees – plus damages in a criminal trial.
I use a 8W 1MHz device, which clears diabetes in ½ a minute.

Tonight I applied the device to my friend Tony, who had an under-active thyroid. I used HIUS on my mother 3 years ago, which really sorted out her lack on energy. If she no longer has an under-active thyroid, her GP will be struck off for medical malpractice.
Tony was assured he might feel a little warming – he did not. I gave him ½ a minute of HIUS – he held the device himself.
Suddenly he started to feel better, and I sat watching the colour return to he face – as with the clearance of type 2 diabetes.
The HIUS removes the pressurised viral cells, that suppress thyroixin secretion: or they can boost it! The cell is gone, and the disease remits instantly.
And the Dr.s 8W 3MHza device is paid for and medically licensed – to clear scaring. It also clears joint problems. Arthritis is caused by a small pressurised bacterial structure – also cleared with HIUS. No surgery required.
So here is the answer to thyroid trouble – use an ultrasound massage device. The Dr HAS to use his own ultrasound device to clear the problem.

Also for diabetes.

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