Monday, 28 November 2016

Facial disfigurement

Physiotherapists have shown us how top repair limb and joint damage for the last 30 years – High Intensity UltraSound. A suitable device is
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This will clear all arthritis – pain killing injections are no defective, criminal medicine. The Dr has such a licensed ultrasound device.
I have used it to sort out my eye squint – complicated by the ineffective surgery Dr.s had given me. HIUS would sort out any squint.
Application to the CLOSED eyes will sort out all cataracts and corneal scaring – I also had. The devices are around 30 UK pounds.

Applied to both sides of the chest, glands below the jaw, hose and throat for ½ a minute will cure all infections without a GP visit and defective fungal antibiotics – that no registered Dr can anymore prescribe.

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