Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Efficient thermoelectric panels

Present thermoelectric panels are only 4% efficient. But as a heat source we can use a steam plasma tube. Lightening boolts are a free 2cm stean plasma – 1.5km lonng.
Set up by heavy rain doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+O2+TU->He2++O32++4e-+E13+L+X-ray E1=2.5x1030 W extrapolated from the 5 tonnes of He ions produced.
This explains the production oof alpha particles and X-rays – only produced by nuclear reactions. And there is no source of nuclear fission.
So the positive charge collects above the cloud layer, the nagative falls to the ground. Then we get a lightening up strike – to collect the positive charge.
Then we get the 1.5kn down strike – which uses ½ MW of potential.
E then get the up-strike
2 H2O+e-+TU->He2++O3-+E2+L+X-ray E2=2.5x1030W from a 1.5km x 2cm free stea, plasma.
So nature gets 1040W from this free power source annually. But lightening strikes are so unpredictable. Though they concenttrate where there is mignetic fields, and water vapour in the air.
If we extrapolate this down, we get 1.2MW of heat from a 50x1cm steam plasma. In a glass tube we get H vission, rather than Molecular Nuclear Fusion – twicethe energy.
3 H++e- ->n0 H ions and free electrons end up as neutrons
4 16O2++4n0 ->8H++6e- the neutrons convert the O ions into free eelctrons, and H ions
5 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray the largest free energy source in the universe.
Sun corronas do h fission – Molecular Nuclear Fusion builds the heavier elements.
So suns crush matter into energy, and that energy forms H ions and free electrons in outer space.
6 2L ->H++e- there was no big bang, there will be no big crush. It all goes around again.
So we feed our heat into a water tank, and we get out 1MW of steam at 4 atmiospheres. This we pass through a thermoelectric plate – we do not need a rubust pad, so we can increase the thermoelectric effect, passingthe heat through an n semiconductor, a p semiconducxtor and a heat sink.
We get an efficiency of 8%. So we get out 80kW. From a plant in the garage. We have no expence turbnie – we get so much free heat, it does not matter.
Each house needs 8kW – so we geenrate the poer for 10 houses. The national grid will pay us 3,000 UK pounds per kW year. So we get an annual income of 250.000 UK pounds from 1 tube. So we invest in another 4 tubes and thermoelectric panels.
So for 8,000 pounds, we get an annual income of 1 million. No solid waste. And the plant will ha be csot us 10,000.
None of the 18 billion for a uranium fisison plant. Which uis so toxic, it requires annual insurance of 100 billion. No insurance aboe 1 billion is available.
No insurance, and the British army is required to destroy Sizewell C, so it can never start up.

So the heat difference over a linked n and p semiconductors will provide us will massive clean and safe power: as I told Sheffield University 2001-16.

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