Saturday, 26 November 2016

EDF criminal

After Fukishima, every operating nuclear plant in the world requires insurance on 100 billion per plant. For over 200 plants. It deos not matter – no insurance over 1 billion is available.
So EDF invested 6 million a year into Global Warming research: ignoring photosynthesis, which caps the global average CO2 level at 2 parts per million – a static trace gas – affects nothing.
In the 3 Jurassic oice-ages it was at 8ppm. And one ie-age lasted 50 million years. The world has been cooling for 21 yearas – that is the natural Climate Change. Cooling and wetting – the opposite of Global Warming.
So without the required insurave, the national nuclear regulator has the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders – in 1984. Why wern't they?
The largest bungs in corporate history – 2 billion every year. This is the biggest illagality in history.
Ten years in jail for every illegla year of operation – for the regulators AND plant managers. So the top managers at EDF have the longest custodial sentances in legal history.
Criminal companies are barred from UK governmetn construction contracts.
In any case Hinkley A;'s operating license expired in 1990. It was demolished in 2002.
Plannig extensions are only legal with a full Royal Commission costing 100s of million of pounds. Read
So Hinkley B ceased to be legal 1990. So every year since has resulted in 10 years in prison for the plant maangers and regulator, and a fine of 10 mililon – 1984 pound values.
So at a conservative estimate, 2.6 billion owed to the UK tax payer. So Hinkley B was an illegal extension to Hinkley A: demolished in 2002. It never had planning.
You can't build an illegal extension to an illegla extension: the British Army have the legal duty to send ibn the Tanks, to stop the construction of Hinkley C.

EDF is barred from glob al construction and operation of nuclear plants. 5% of French power. Bigget illegality ever.
Hinkley C would never get an operating license without enough insurance. Not avauilable. So the UK governemtn would never pay for the plant. So the Chinese would invest 18 billion – and never get it back.

They are not stupid. They will never try to build the illegla plant. EDF is barred from nuclear power FOR EVER.

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