Monday, 14 November 2016

Dr.s - just killers

They all read the 2002 paper on high Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer – and all validated it. Then carried right on prescribing defective biochemistry and surgery.
Each killing 18,000 patients for money in the last 14 years. HIUS causes Molecular Nuclear Fusion in cancer cells
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray the source of the X-rays ALL cancers give off in ultrasound scans.
So they realised HIUS cleared all cancers, but continued teaching, researching and prescribing defective medicine for money. Deliberately killing their paying clients in the worst way known to man – for money!

Even the Mafia would have found this morally repulsive – as Dr.s killed members of the Mafia for money, and pleasure.

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