Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Control the weather

We improve on nature, where solar heat is collected into equatorial water, and carries the heat towards the Poles. This make most of the Earth habitable. But we can do better.
We draw hot air into a large double helix – the size of an old sags holder, so we are talking about 20,000 gallons a minute.
On the second park of the heat exchanger, is a cold gas, so the air is cooled as it spiral down, and leaves at the base. The gas rises up, and heats up by 20oC. The difference in temperature of the air entering in the 40oCs, and air leaving in the 20oCs. In the 40oCs, you are in India. In the 20oCs, a European late spring day.
We then compress the gas, now at 120oC (Only by doubling the gas pressure) and lose the heat to a river, lake or sea. The sea is best. Water condenses out as we cool the air – pure water we can bottle and sell.
We get more evaporation – of pure water, and the heat flows back to the Poles. We start the system at night, using off peak power. Once started the system drives itself.
In the cold lands, we reverse the cycle, so we suck heat out of the seas -winch only freeze at -22oC. The heat flows we need are minute – as the sea areas are immense. And volcanic action in the deep seas is only measurable within 20m of the volcano.
So our extra solar heat is really trivial to the Earth. But we cool the hot lands by 20oC. The tiny Polar area, we warm by 35oC: and we can't even measure the sea temperature change. When we warm the air, it rises and the heat exchange sinks,
So the turbine will turn in the other direction. We convert it into AC, so this does not matter at all. A diode will cahngeteh polarity.
In the temperate lands, we warm the winter, and cool the summer. For the price of starting the system twice, using off peak power. So we terraform the Earth, using science published in the 1880s, and taught to every engineering student at every collage on Earth.
Natural Global Warming ended 21 years ago – so the world has been cooling for 21 years: nuclear power calls this 'Climate Change'. But now we can even out the climate, using 300 year old science, and engineering fully worked out 200 years ago. In 7 years the NATURAL weather will start to warm again.

And familiar to ever Global Warming scientist – who kept their mouths shut and took the money. These people should so not be in education – or working for the world media.

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