Friday, 18 November 2016

Clear wrinkles

Ultrasound massage devices are sold to clear wrinkles. I was sceptile, but I was interested in fixing my 30% brain damage – from a car accident.
Repeated application cleared away even damagfed brain cells, which are the replaced by the brain stem cells.
Product Details
So I had the device, and I was getting frown lines – so I ultrasounded my forehead. No wrinkles.
It also clears the deep lines around you eyes. It clears the old inacticle skin cells – that give you wrinkles. You don't need them. And the devices are very cheap.
You can use these devices to clean the weight gain of age – but the first (and only the irst) time you apply it to you torso, you may get the trots.

I recommend 10 seconds, rather than the usual ½ a minute.

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