Thursday, 10 November 2016

Clear cataracts

Surgical removal of cataracts severely degrades vision, and is NOT an answer to cataracts.
My mother had these in both eyes, and I used High Intensity UltraSound to clear the scaring to her right eye, left by the surgery. I use 1 minute of 8w 1MHz ultrasound, to clear the corneal scaring in my left eyes – caused by my eye not watering after a car accident.
Also to repair eye muscle damage – but the surgery I was given was ineffective, and is actually hard to shift.
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So we could use HIUS to clear both squints AND cataracts. I would make eye surgery defective, criminal medicine.
Donald Trump should force medics to use HIUS to clear all cancers and infections – saving the US tax payer a fortune. All Dr.s who have continued with biochemistry. 14 years after the HIUS work was published by the Moffitt cancer centre are now struck off – to face criminal charges.
HIUS use is totally painless, medically licensed and will not interefere with biochemistry. And has been personally validated by every Dr on Earth – or they are struck off anyway.

Cataracts are caused by a bacterial cell – which lays down a protective opaque coating – cleared by HIUS.Apply to the closed eyes only! The ultrasound unches through the eye lids.

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