Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Making Petrol & Diesel

Sabatier process and apparatus for controlling exothermic reaction 
US 8710106 B2
A Sabatier process involving contacting carbon dioxide and hydrogen in a first reaction zone with a first catalyst bed at a temperature greater than a first designated temperature; feeding the effluent from the first reaction zone into a second reaction zone, and contacting the effluent with a second catalyst bed at a temperature equal to or less than a second designated temperature, so as to produce a product stream comprising water and methane. The first and second catalyst beds each individually comprise an ultra-short-channel-length metal substrate. An apparatus for controlling temperature in an exothermic reaction, such as the Sabatier reaction, is disclosed.
When we mix CO2 with H2O above 370oC, we form natural gas

1 CO2+2H2O->CH4+O 3 we need to seperate out the O, before we get recombination of these gases. The pressure must be between 0.5 and 10 Atmospheres. So a low pressure flame burns cold, smokey and black!
We are used to high pressure flames burning yellow or even white hot. What we may nto be aware of, is we are soing NF – adn this release the heat.
2 CH4+pO2+P+SP->(CO2+(2-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+E2) SP=spark
So oxidation of the carbon radical takes in heat, the molecular nuclear fusion releases heat.
Thus, two greenhouse gases are consumed and useful chemical building blocks, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, are produced. A challenge to the commercialization of this process is that the hydrogen that is produced tends to react with the carbon dioxide. For example, the following reaction typically proceeds with a lower activation energy than the dry reforming reaction itself:
Typical catalysts are noble metals, Ni or Ni alloys. In addition, a group of researchers in China investigated the use of activated carbon as an alternative catalyst.[2][3][4][5][6]
This reaction happens aboce 370oC. So we use a Carnto process, to chill cO2 out of the air. Then we need a source of heat – I like steam plasma tubes, free, and once started they self-sustain a 4 atmospheres.
They do H fission – twioce as energetic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and 16 times more energetic than hypertoxic U or Pu fission. Equation 2 above.
So at room temperature methane burns, above 370oC, the products 'unburn' t ogive us back natual gas.
So this would make a nice bussiness in town, sucking out CO2 released by burning Fossil Fuels, using as steam plasma tube to do nuclear fusion, and give us back our natural gas.
And it town, there is a gas mains system, t osell our gas. That when burnt, only releases the CO2 taken in that morning – sol a net carbon 0 fuel. Plants convert additional carbon into extra biomass.
In the Jurassic there were far fewer Fossil Fuels, and 65% moe active life on Earth – so CO2 is the gas of life. O2 is the waste gas excreteed by plants. It is called the Sabatier reaction or Sabatier process discovered 1910.
Any person who thinks man has any effect on free CO2 levels was obviously not pying attention in high school biology. Or has a mental health problem that needs curing. 8W 1MHz ultrasound for ½ a minute to each sidfe of the ehad will effect this.
We then pass the metahne through 6 interlocced honneycomb Ti catalyst honney combs. And liquid C fluid drips out – we recycle the use reacted gas. C12=diesel, C16=petrol.
So here is the chemistry Texas has been waiting for. We suck CO2 from the air, and tanker out petrol and diesel, both carbon net 0 fuels.

So make your own petrol – for free. No drilling, extration or refining. We tanker the stuff out – and save life on Earth: a free, carbon 0 fuel.

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