Saturday, 29 October 2016

Ultrasound does nuclear fusion

This was my PhD area. When you apply 2kW 40kHz ultrasound to water, it goes cloudy, due t othe presence of bubbles of He and O gas. It also give off X-ray, and produces so mush heat.
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
Lightening does it – releasing 2.5x1030W from a 1.5km, 2cm wiude steam plasma.
When we apply 5 W 40kHz ultrasound to pressurised cancer cells, it gives off X-rays, but does not affect the more flaccid body cells.
All 200 types of cancer out there have to be pressurized, in order to grow in a viral way. When you apply High Intensity UltraSound externally to a cancer, the cancer celsl fragmetn – clearing the cancer secondaries from the body.
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I found 8W 1MHz ultrasound is HIUS – from an ultrasonic massage device.
Itt will clear all cancers out there – maknig biochemical treatments, chgemo and radio therapy and surgery defecetive, criminal medicine.

14 years after this science was medically proved by the Moffit cancer Dr.s are still using the old, defective medicine to kill, patient. 8 million Brits since 2002.

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