Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Super wealthy

Ted went into Unicorn Bank, and asked about a Super-Wealthy bastard account. The bank manger took them into a BACK ROOM TO DISCUSS IT.
Manager 'So which of my competitors did you rob?'
Ted 'No we made it'
'We took a 1.5m tower – reinforced to withstand 8 atmospheres. We used a paint stripper for 5 minutes, to bubble steam through the water: it acted as a Windermere kettle'
The bank managers eyesbows went up and his mouth started to open.
'A very quick kettle – it was worked out in the 1950s. My son did the physics – page 20' he sadi as he handed over a file. The bank mager turned to the page.
1 H2O+TU->HO+E2+X-ray TU=turbulence. He used his acabacus, frowned and used his abacus again. He got his calculator out, thought better of it, and decided to ask the human sat opposite him.
Man 'So it boiled the water?'
Ted 'Indeed – so after 5 minutes there was 2 bars of steam at the top of the column. So we truned on the steam pump.'
The manager wished he had stayed wake for more of his physics. 'So you bubble the steam through the liquid water – but surely the system wouyld die down?' he not too unreasonably objected.
Ted 'Ah, you are forgetting about the Molecular Nuclear Fusion going on. Once you have steam up, it re-inforces – so you get 10 times more steam'.
Man '10 times more – well then it would explode!' the maanger protested.
Ted 'It would have done, but at 4 atmospheres, we vented it through a steam turbine. So after an hour we were getting 120kW. We were using the old turbines left behind by GEC – and maintained in case they came back to Trafford Park.'
Man 'So who owns them now?'
Ted 'We bought them in month 1 – GEC let us earn enough money to pay for them – 20,000 pounds'
'So we run them at 6 bars – they are aged and might not stand 8. Giving us an income of 36 million. So we did the obvious, we bought the next set, and got it working too – 400kW of carbon 0, non polluting, fossil fuel free power'
Man 'No uranium' he checked.
Ted 'Totally clean and free. We will use 3.8x10-17cc of water a year – we drive a heat pump to cool our steam down, and return 85% of the heat to the boiler room. So 2.4 million a year – hence me need for ther rich bastard account'
Man 'working capital, and – what are your other expenses?'
Ted 'A bit of lubrication greese, and all that metal polish to shine our broze busts – after all we want to celebrate being rich'
Man 'Seriously?'

Ted 'We want to role out fusion across the country – after all the UK makes 44 G.W. And we can undercut Fossil Fuels burning, and hyper toxic nuclear fission – then there is the world to convert to nuclear fusion.'

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