Sunday, 16 October 2016

STOP Hinkley

Hinkley's planning consent ran out in 1990 – and can only be extended with a full Royal Commission. EDF used its own engineers to give a planning extension – illegal! So Hinkley A should have stopped 1990.
Hinkley B was an illegal extension to a now demolished plant outside planning consent. So IT can't be used to bud off a new plant – it has no planning consent. So is totally illegal.
10 years in jail for each of the plant manager – for every illegal year. And there have been 26. And a legal fine of 10 million at 1984 values. So 20 million by now.
So the fine owed by British Nuclear for that plant alone is over 3 billion. The Chinese would be badly advised to get involved, as they are buying in to a massive fine – with no possibility of a new plant.
After Fukishima the valid insurance is 100 million. No insurance above 1 billion is available. So no prospect of a new plant ever getting operating consent – so the UK government would never pay for it.

Similarly, Sizewell B has no valid insurance – so the army had the legal duty to demolish the plant. The bidding process never took account of the decomnisioning cost – which is more than the build cost.

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