Thursday, 13 October 2016

Sizewell illegal for all its life

In 1984 Ukranium nuclear experienced Chernobyl. The appropriate insurance cover was 40 billion: after Fukishima this rose to 100 billion.
So the 20 nuclear plants in the UK have been running under insured for 30 years. The appropriate fine adds up to 2 trillion – payable by the new Chinese owners of 'British' Nuclear.
Sizewell B never had sufficient insurance – so the Power Station regulator should have never issued an operating licence. Sizewell A was demolished in 2006. And with it, its operating licence.
Sizewell B never had its own royal commission – and has always operated as an illegal extension to Sizewell A. To construct a new plant as an extension is an abuse of planning and illegal.
All the plant managers and regulators get 10 years in jail for every year of illegal operation – 3 millennia of jail time.
And the lawyers have the legal imperative to issue an immediate stop order. The House of Lord's can force this action.
So Sizewell B has always been illegal. There can never be a Sizewell C, without a full royal commission.
Question 1: do you have sufficient insurance? Ans: No. There is no commercial insurance above 1 billion.

So 'British' Nuclear is bankrupt 200 times over. And Sizewell B is the biggest illegality in UK legal history. The Chinese owners of 'British' Nuclear will no doubt try and give it away this week. As it has no value.

And a legal debt of 3 trillion. The Thatcher legacy.

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