Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Save the lipstick

Many plant produce low length oils. The palm makes longer oils. So is being massively over cultivated – to make lip sticks, and even drive your car.
I keep telling you guy, a 25x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres makes 580kW of heat. From which a small turbine can generate 100kW of electric. Only 45kW will drive a small helicopter.
Utilising 2.7x10-17cc of regular water, a decade. No CO2, and no petrol or diesel burn.
Now if we take light bio-oil, heat it up and push it through a honeycomb Ti lattice, We get long chain oils. The unreacted oil, we loop around.
So a field of turnips will make your lipsticks – no palm oil. Leave palms to give sun bathers head injuries in the tropics. Turnips are a whole lot cheaper and more convenient.
 Thinking on, there is masses of low length oil that is wasted every day, after the plant has been used by the food industry. Before we compost it, we extract the bio-oil using detergents.
The residue goes off for composting as today. Or we use steam, and the residue can go off for animal food. We do the honeycomb of Ti idea, and produce bio-diesel. Which will not form microparticulates when burnt in a car engine.

We produce light diesel oil, from plant waste, we feed to animals, compost or send to land fill today. And the plants take in the CO2 to grow – so using bio-diesel will increase crop yields. It will nto increase CO2 levels in the air: that is biological rubbish.

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