Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Repay the inducements

Every Dr alive has been induced by the biochemical industry, to prescribe its medicines. But since 2002, biochemical cancer treatments have been defective, criminal medicine.
A 1 minute application of High Intensity UltraSound will clear all the inflated cancer cells – they are inflated in order to grow. ALL cancers.
I have found 8W 1MHz to be effective HIUS – from the below medically licensed device
So ALL the inducements drug firms have given are criminal. Subsidised conferences (they even offered me those) family holiday, consumer electronic or more recently MONEY.
Dr.s must return all inducements – to the Health Service, not the self seeking drug company. And wait criminal trial. They must return all wages since they first prescribed defective medicine – as their health insurance and articles of tenure were invalid.
The offending drug company, right up to head office, are also permanently eluded from medicine.

So basically EVERY Dr on Earth has behaved in a criminal fashion.

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